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Mennonite Cemetery
(1925 – 1968) The first cemetery of the Mennonite Church in southwest Manitoba.
Métis Cemetery
(1920s – 1942) With the establishment of the Metigoshe Métis Community, a small cemetery appeared. The first body interred was an infant from the McLeod family. She was followed by seven others at most.
Old Deloraine Cemetery
(1881) The area's very first permanent pioneers were laid to rest in this scenic cemetery.
Lauder Cemetery
(1899 – Present) The Lauder Cemetery is extremely well kept.
St. Paul's Cemetery
(1892-1963) A charming cemetery on Turtle Mountain
Prairie View Cemetery
(1901-1910) A small cemetery once existed on this site.
All Saint's Cemetery
(1888-1904) The All Saints Cemetery is home to at least 8 graves.
Quaker Church Cemetery
(1899 – 1948) A small cemetery exists beside where the Chain Lakes Friends Meeting House once stood.
Melgund Cemetery
Melgund Cemetery. Several headstones still exist on the site.
St. Claude Cemetery
(1882-1887) Depressions mark several of the 47 graves recorded at the site.
Old Wakopa Cemetery
(1880) The Old Wakopa Cemetery is the resting place of some of the earliest homesteaders of the Turtle Mountain region.