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TM-SPHA employees engage the public with the subject of southwest Manitoban history.

We keep improving on a traveling display that includes brochures, pictures, heritage stories, maps and cultural food. New to the display is a map with five transparent layers which can be laid over a base map displaying only water bodies and topography. This map is designed to be a "hard copy" of the Interactive Map featured on our website - a visual tool that reflects the layers of history that exist on the landscape.

The display appears at a variety of cultural celebrations in an attempt to engage communities in discussion about the history of this fascinating area. Contact Us if you have suggestions of events we should visit.

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March 26, 2020 10am - 3pm

Mountain View Centre, Deloraine, MB

Coffee and Lunch will be provided

Watch for the signs...

With the support of the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program, we are working on a series Interpretive Signs to highlight some notable sites in our region. The first ones should be appearing in the Summer of 2016.


  1. The Goodlands Area Coal Mines
  2. Charles Sankey & Waskada Park
  3. James Dandy and the Growth of Pierson
  4. The Lauder / Hartney Area Fur Trade Posts
  5. Sourisford


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