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NEW Video Project

The Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Heritage Association proudly presents 'Precious Load - Tales of a Turtle Mountain Trapper', a new film by Julie Watt.

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Turtle Mountain Mud - The Story of Manitoba's Coal Mines - A Video Project

Available wherever our Vantage Books are sold and: YouTube

Pioneer Industry - A Vantage Points Resource For the Classroom

The TM-SPHA presents Locally Made - Pioneer Industry.

Grist mills, saw mills, cheese factories, lime kilns, and brickyards were a feature of many of the first communities. From the late 1870's until the ultimate expansion of rail networks around 1910, local production was essential to growth. .

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Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains - A Vantage Points Resource For the Classroom

The TM-SPHA presents Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains - An Overview of Our History. It consists of short - 1 page articles in both PDF and Online Format. Teachers are encouraged to try using them with students and to send us feedback.

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Vantage Points

Vantage Points Volumes I - IV are presented here as PDF files ready for classroom use.

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Working With Schools

Our goal is to make Vantage Points resources readily available for classroom use.

Our Projects Manager, Ken Storie, welcomes the chance to answer questions about any of our work. He is more than willing to collaborate with teachers in finding additional resources and in devising ways to use the resources at hand.