Vantage Points Vol. 2

Vantage Points Volume 2

Stories from Turtle Mountain Métis Elders and Manitoba’s Southwest Corner.

Published September 2011.
Researcher and Author on behalf of TMSPHA: Teyana Neufeld

This volume features many articles focusing on the Metigoshe/Turtle Mountain Métis Community. In 2009 we recorded interviews with 21 elders from the Métis community. These interviews have been consolidated into article form in order to paint the picture of life as it was lived in the Turtle Mountain bush over 50 years ago.

In 2010 we added two new regions to our area of activity: the rural municipalities of Arthur and Edward and the towns of Melita and Pierson. We’re pleased to share stories from this, the most southwesterly, corner of the province in this volume of Vantage Points.

“I truly enjoyed Vantage Points I. I picked it up one evening and never put it down until I finished the entire booklet. I have had the privilege of reading Vantage Points II and I can assure you that it is just as engaging as the first edition. I would like to thank Teyana Neufeld for her professionalism, great writing ability and for giving the Métis Elders in Turtle Mountain the opportunity to share some of their stories.
In my own journey, I have come to believe every person needs that personal connection to the world around them in order to live a good healthy life. Sharing our stories and our history, with more commonalities than differences, allows us to go through life with a deeper understanding of each other.
Thank you to the Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association for seeing the value in doing these historical booklets. We can only hope there are more to follow.”

Words of Leah LaPlante, Vice-President of the Manitoba Métis Federation Inc. Southwest Region in the Guest Introduction to Vantage Points II.