Vantage Points Vol. 5

Vantage Points Volume 5

Behind the Veil of Time

Published 2021
Researcher and Author on behalf of TMSPHA: Ken Storie

In Vantage Points V we begin with a look at what the ongoing archaeological explorations are telling us about the people who lived here prior to written records. We offer some stories about the process of getting here. We examine the ongoing and complex process of building communities and the innovative ways that people have adapted to life on the prairies. We look at work and play, and search out a few unexpected aspects of life in the region.

“We North Americans are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. For some of us, our tie to this land is recent, for most of us it goes back a few generations, for other it goes back centuries. Today’s immigrants and those immigrants from long ago have at least one thing in common — they had to learn about living in this land.”

Words from Ken Storie’s Introduction