Heritage Features

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Beckoning Hills Museum
Look at life through the eyes of a prairie pioneer at the Beckoning Hills Museum.
Coulter Park
Coulter Park is the site of the longest running annual picnic. Ever since 1882 it has been used as a recreational facility.
(1882 – Present) Hartney is a town with a vibrant history, pleasant present and bright future!
Lauder Sandhills
(10,000 BC - Present) The unique environment provided by the Lauder Sandhills attracted bison, which appealed to the early peoples who came to camp and live there.
Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum
A collection of 300 full-mount animals from North America and New Zealand set in interactive, natural scenes.
Kentner's Great Northern Railway Museum
Bill Kentner houses a Great Northern Railway Museum in his back yard northeast of Boissevain. He welcomes phone-ahead tours by donation.
Lorna Smith Nature Reserve
This protected prairie hilltop above the Boissevain reservoir is often covered with prairie flowers. It is a peaceful spot to observer the surrounding wildlife.
Newcomb's Hollow
Newcomb's Hollow is a pretty spot where a small interpretive centre for the Old Deloraine Land Titles Office has been built with a replica of the old Office.
Old Deloraine Land Titles Office
(1880 – 1886) Homesteaders in southwestern Manitoba had to first make their way to the Old Deloraine Land Titles Office, managed by George Newcomb, to register land claims.
Whitewater Birding Area
The Manitoba Department of Natural Resources, Turtle Mountain Conservation District and Ducks Unlimited Canada jointly developed a wildlife viewing facility adjacent to the newly completed Ducks Unlimited project at Whitewater Lake.
Max Lake Recreation
(1898 – Present) Max Lake has long been a holiday destination spot.
Lake William
(1880s) There is a unique story behind how this lake got its name.
Antler River Historical Society Museum
Housed in a circa 1905 eight classroom schoolhouse, Melita's only museum is well laid out.
Waskada Museum
A collection of pioneer-era displays that fill six heritage buildings. OPEN: Jul-Aug and by appointment. ADMISSION: Adult-$4 Students-$2 Preschool-Free PHONE: 204-673-2503, 204-673-2557 VISIT: http://www.waskada.ca/pages/Museum.htm
Chokecherry Junction Museum
An award-winning model railway collection. Located in Boissevain beside Tommy Turtle.
Moncur Gallery – People of the Plains
The Moncur Gallery contains over 1000 artifacts, most of which local historian Mr. Bill Moncur picked up out of his field.
Hart-Cam Museum
The old general store that houses the Hart-Cam Museum has been a movie set for two Hollywood films.