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(1905 – 1936) Bannerman served as the Canada Customs depot for travellers coming from North Dakota on the Great Northern Railway.
The Wakopa Subdivision of the Canadian National Railway reached Adelpha in 1905 and went no further until 1914. Adelpha was a hub of commercial activity during this time.
(1908 – 1936) Desford was the name of a station along the Great Northern Railway.
Desford Townsite
(1913 – 1962) Dand was a station on the CPR's “Blue Flea” line which grew into a small community.
(1882 – 1920) The townsite of Moberly on the shore of Whitewater Lake was promoted as a resort town. It turned out to be a giant land swindle and the town never materialized.
(1881 – 1890) The town of Manchester moved to the railway when it came through the area and was renamed Melita.
The CPR Lyleton Branch line reaching west from Deloraine terminated at Lyleton.
Old Deloraine
(1882 – 1886) Old Deloraine was established just north of the Land Titles Office, but moved when the railway came through the area.
Old Wakopa
(1877 – 1886) The first town in the southwest. Bernard B. LaRiviere established a home and store which serviced the first settlers coming west along the Boundary Commission Trail.
(1880 – 1885) Montifiore began as a stopping place on the Boundary Commission Trail. A rural school and gravel road were named after it.
Sourisapolis (Souris City)
(1882 – 1916) A few real estate agents sold lots trying to promote the town of Sourisapolis, but a town was never built here.
Turtle Mountain City
(1882) Turtle Mountain City existed for not even a year before the town of Waubeesh appeared not a mile to the north.
(1886 – 1960s) Old Wakopa moved to this location to be at the crux of two rail lines: the Canadian National and Great Northern.
(1883 – 1887) Waubeesh flourished where Turtle Mountain City did not, but only for a few years before being bypassed by the railroad.
(1905-1960s) A small community grew around this CNR railway station.
(1914 – 1961) Mountainside was an early prairie community and a stop on the Wakopa Subdivision of the Canadian Northern Railway.