Geographic Feature: Grande Clairière


(1888 – Present) A Catholic priest from France established a parish and community here.


1888-Present Father Gaire One spring day in 1885, 30 year old Father Gaire came home from Mass to find a brochure in his mailbox. It had been written by a French-Canadian Priest, inviting Frenchmen to immigrate to Canada. Gaire felt called by God to help populate western Canada with colonists and eventually he was granted permission from his bishop to go. He arrived in Winnipeg on May 21st 1888. His wish was to establish a parish in the western part of the province, so he boarded a train to take him to Oak Lake, the most westerly parish accessible by …
(1898 - 1923) The Grande Clairiere Convent was the home of six nuns and about 40 boarding house students at a time.