The Vantage Points Video Series

The Chain Lakes Barn: A History

The Big Barn at Chain Lakes, in the Municipality of Grassland, Manitoba, narrates a family’s history as the main character decides its fate.
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Precious Load – Tales of a Turtle Mountain Trapper

The story of Phillip Racine, a fourth generation trapper. who is the great grandson of one of the first Metis settlers in the Lake Metigoshe region of southwestern Manitoba.  This documentary celebrated his unique lifestyle and tells the unexpected tale of the most precious load he ever took out of Turtle Mountain bush.

As with most births, this film required deep breathing, hard pushing and dedicated love. And we’re pleased with the results! Julie Gurr (Watt) from Boissevain is the film maker. Philip (TT) Racine from Lake Metigoshe is the star.
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Turtle Mountain Mud

In the heart of the Great Depression on the western edge of Turtle Mouuntain near the village of Goodlands two competing coal mines provided employment, cheaper coal and an enduring story.
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**These projects were funded by TMSPHA and our affiliates as noted with support from the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program.