Geographic Feature: Goodlands


(1899 – Present) This village grew up around the train station on the CPR line that led southwest from Deloraine.


The fight to build and keep a rural railway line 1900-1966 CPR Monopoly No single event changed the fate of Western Canada more than the coming of the railroad. In 1881 the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR) received a charter to link the east and west coasts of Canada with tracks of iron. In addition to receiving a monopoly on the main transcontinental line, the CPR was also given the right and responsibility to build branch lines 80 kms to either side of the main line. No other Canadian company was permitted to build a branch line inside CPR territory, …
(1932 – 1943) The two most successful coal mines in Manitoba were located only a stone's throw away from one another.
(1883 – 1908 and 1931 – 1943) A series of coal mines opened and closed on the slopes of Turtle Mountain, at times providing an economic boost when the area needed it most.