Geographic Feature: Hartney


(1882 – Present) Hartney is a town with a vibrant history, pleasant present and bright future!


The 110 year old building that today houses the Hart-Cam Museum spent most of its life serving as a general store. It later became a restaurant, museum . . . and Hollywood film set? Yes indeed – not only once, but twice! [[inline:right:hill-store]] 1902—Present The Hill Brothers W. H. B. (Harry) and Alfred Hill, hailing originally from England, arrived in Manitoba together in 1881. Both of them became successful businessmen—opening general stores across southwestern Manitoba—and were generous contributors to their communities. The A.E. Hill Company Ltd took its name from the younger of the brothers, Alfred Edward Hill (b. 1859). …
[[inline:right:hart-cam-museum]] OPEN in July-Aug. Or by Appointment PHONE: 204-858-2127 or 204-858-2064 Admission by Donation Location: 310 Poplar Street, Hartney Visit Hart-Cam Museum Webpage 1999 - Present Building History Museum History In the mid 1970s the Hartney Chamber of Commerce put a committee together to go about looking for a space suitable for a museum. With some grant money, temporary quarters were found to house the articles that had already been donated or loaned to the Museum-to-be by local residents. In 1977 the RM of Cameron moved locations, and offered their old building to the Museum committee. The two-storey structure was …
(1882 - Present) Harntey is a town with a vibrant history, pleasent present and bright future!