Geographic Feature: Boissevain


(1885 – Present) Cherry Creek was the name of this town before the CPR came through and renamed it after a Dutch financier.


Home of the Boissevain and Morton Library and Archives Building: 1904—Present The Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage office in Boissevain is in the basement of the Civic Centre, which is attached to the Library building next door. This has made it simple for me to access the library’s reference materials and their archive collection. I have become quite fond of the library building over these last few years, though I understand that the building is no longer meeting the library’s needs. As the library looks forward to moving into a new space sometime in the near future, I wanted to take …
(1882 - 1883) George Morton launched a cheese-making project west of Whitewater Lake. He may have been successful if he hadn't overlooked a couple of key factors.
(1905 - 1936) The Great Northern Railway covered the almost 70 miles between Brandon, Manitoba, and St. John, North Dakota.